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What Are the Advantages of Microchips?

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Microchipping is safe, easy, effectively reunites you with your lost pet, and can offer additional value.

What Are the Advantages of Microchips?


• Pet microchips can be implanted by any veterinarian.

• No anesthetic is required. The procedure is similar to a routine vaccination.

• A pet microchip does not contain a battery, nor does it need to be charged.

• Unlike traditional collar tags, pet microchips do not wear down, fall off, or scratch into illegibility.

• Microchips are designed to last the life of your pet.

• Globally compatible scanners read the unique identification code on the microchip. This code is used to retrieve the contact information that the pet’s parent has provided to the pet recovery database.

• Microchips for pets are surprisingly inexpensive for the value. The microchip and implantation cost about $45.

• Some pet microchip registries offer a variety of value-added services, like a lost pet emergency medical hotline and travel assistance for found pets at little or no additional cost.

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