Keep Your Microchip’s Info Up-to-Date

Keep Your Microchip's Info Up-to-Date

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Keep your records up-to-date.

The key to reuniting you with your lost pet is making sure your pet's microchip is registered immediately after it is implanted, and that your contact information remains up-to-date in the pet recovery database.

  • After your pet is implanted with a microchip, you should check with the microchip registry to make sure the microchip is registered and your contact information is correct.
  • Outdated phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses are useless to an animal shelter or the finder of your pet.
  • You can update your contact details by contacting the pet microchip registry your pet is enrolled with. Visit the company’s website for information on updating your pet’s record online, or to get the telephone number to call.

What happens if your microchipped pet goes missing?

When a pet goes missing, they often end up being brought to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic. Facility personnel will scan your pet for a microchip which will reveal the number on the chip. They will then call the pet recovery database company, and you will be contacted to pick up your pet.