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Bonus Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

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Microchips last.

Traditional modes of identification, like pet tags or ID collars, need to be replaced regularly—and can slip off, be removed, or become hard to read— but microchips last for the life of the pet.

Bonus Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet


Bonus benefits of microchipping your pet

Some microchip registries offer additional services for your pet’s care:

• Specialists available 24/7 to assist with advice and support if your pet is lost

• Travel assistance for pets found far from home

• 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline

• Lost Pet Alerts sent to a network of animal shelters, veterinarians, and concerned citizens around where your pet was lost. (Sign up here to help reunite lost dogs and lost cats with their families.)

You and your pet belong together.

Your cat or dog’s microchip implant gives your pet the best chance of returning home to you if lost. However, a microchip must be registered along with your current contact information in order to identify you as your pet’s parent and contact you. Remember as long as there are pets, even those belonging to the most responsible parents, they will go missing.


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