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Pawsitively Pawesome Cat and Dog Puns

dog leaning on mans leg looking at the camera

Do you love pets and funny wordplay? Check out these 14 cat and dog puns sure to give you a grrrin!

Whether or not you’re a fan of wordplay, if you’re a pet owner, it’s hard not to crack a smile when you hear some hilarious cat and dog puns — or simply groan and roll your eyes in amazement of their pawdacity!

We hope you find this list of pugnacious pet puns as a-mew-zing as we do:
1. “I woof you.” Expressions of love are always purriceless.

2. I’m going to make you an off-fur you can’t re-fur-se.” It’s impawsible to say no to cute pets.

3. “Cat-astrope!” The purrfect way to describe that moment when you discover your kitty has “re-fluffed” the pile of laundry you just neatly folded.

4. “I’m having a ruff day.” Don’t “terrier self up” about it. There’s sure to be a pawsitive outcome!

5. “Procatstination.” When your kitty lies on your laptop, she’s just trying to turn you into a purrcrastinator.

6. “You have cat to be kitten me right meow.” You went to the store and fur-got to purrchase a new toy?

7. “Whatevfur.” Watch that cattitude!

8. “Is your pup your doggleganger?” The anomaly of dog and owner look-alikes certainly gives paws for thought.

9. “I could have been a cat-tender! I could have been somepawdy!” Some cats have a flair fur the drameowtic.

10. “That dog sweater is a fashion furpaw.” Even pets have fashion sense. (Hopefully the puparazzi wasn’t watching.)

11. “Raise the ruff — this purrty is off the leash!” Pets know how to have a punrestrainedly good time.

12. “Incatceivable!” Some things are purrplexing to even the smartest of cats.

13. “Pardon the interrufftion.” Your pup might have something important to say — even when he seems barking mad.

14. “Everything but the kitten sink!” We couldn’t pawsibly fit anymeowr puns on this list.



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