Do Dogs Have Feelings?

Dogs bring out many emotions in us, but are they experiencing the same feelings?


It was once thought that dogs, and all animals, were essentially organic robots that didn’t feel emotions; they simply followed their instincts like a machine follows its programing. But contemporary science has discovered that dogs go through similar chemical and hormonal changes as humans when experiencing emotions.

Do Dogs Have Feelings?

Dogs seem to have an endless interest for the world around them. They use their sense of smell like fun-detector, and when they sniff something funny or strange they want to know more!


Envy is often confused for jealously and are similar emotions, so in dog terms they can be used interchangeably. Envy is a fundamental canine emotion and no dog grows completely out of it. Whether it’s seeing their owner pet a new puppy or another dog trying to play with their toy, you can count seeing it whenever multiple dogs are in the same place.


This one’s no surprise; dogs are very capable of experiencing love. And they’re very good at showing it, too! No matter how big or small, dogs seem to have super-human hearts!


Honorable Mention:
Many scholars insist that confusion is not an emotion, but a combination of fear and anger. And canine experts attest that dogs aren’t capable of experience such complex emotions. Regardless of its definition, every dog owner has seen their buddy make this face!


Although dogs don’t have the same range of emotions as we do, they are dynamic animals who have real feelings. They can even sense what people are feeling! Complex emotional states may be out of reach for our furry friends, but they’re experts at expressing the most important one, love.