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Sebastian - I do not shed!

  • Dog
  • Poodle & Maltese Mix
  • Poodle & Maltese Mix
  • Pasadena, CA
  • Young
  • Male
  • Small
  • White / Cream , Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Pasadena, CA


Coat length
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Good in a home with
Other dogs.

Meet Sebastian - I do not shed!

This is a courtesy listing for another rescue group. PLEASE READ ENTIRE BIO BEFORE CONTACTING RESCUE. To inquire about this dog, you do not need to press any special buttons on this website. Send a regular e-mail to Janet Cook at: Please provide some information about your home, family, other pets, and your dog experience. Angel’s Heart Dog Rescue is a private, foster home based rescue. There is an application process that precedes meeting a dog. I answer emails quickly. Please also check your spam folder for an email reply from the rescue, or provide a phone number whereby you may be reached. Thank you!


Sebastian appears to be either a Poodle/Maltese/Terrier mix, or Terripoo. He is a SUPER CUTE, normally fluffy dog, about the age of two or three. His coat is EXTREMELY soft, and is of the low to no shedding type, and he quite possibly may even be hypoallergenic. He will need professional grooming at least four times a year (when his coat is longer, it is not super curly like a lamb, but more on the straighter and fluffy side, like a Maltese/Terrier, though it is clear to me he is a Poodle mix type). His coat is mostly white with some tannish hues within (he was severely matted, so we had to shave him down to start his coat all over again). Sebastian is not a small prissy white dog, but a more solid guy who is a great size, about 15 lbs.

Sebastian is happy, upbeat, playful and bouncy, always enjoying people, and always being near. He enjoys entertaining himself with various toys, and also enjoys playing with people. He has not been destructive AT ALL to anything in the house nor yard. He settles down and chills if I am working at the computer or watching T.V. He loves to cuddle with me up on the bed when I am resting, or watching T.V. He is crate-trained (here at the rescue, dogs are crated to eat, sleep, and when folks are away from home, for structure, primarily) and he is also quite potty-trained (though potty reinforcement is suggested in any new environment). At night, he settles quietly in his crate enjoying his rawhide chew.

Sebastian was rescued from the Devore Animal Shelter. According to the shelter, prior to the shelter, Sebastian had been rescued from the streets, immediately given a bath by the people, and somewhere is the newness of it all, reportedly bit a child. There was no other information provided; the people surrendered him to the shelter as an acquired stray from the community. With such limited information, we have no idea what happened; we do not know if Sebastian got freaked at something since he did not know the people, if the child did something to HIM that upset him or scared him; we simply do not have any information about this “incident.” And this unfortunately became Sebastian’s demise at the shelter. If a rescue did not come and save him, he would be killed because he had a bad mark. This is when Angel’s Heart Dog Rescue decided to go and save his life.

The minute I got home, Sebastian started running around the yard, happy and free! He approached me straight away, and was sweet, loving, and instantly loved me, his rescuer. To this day, I have never had a problem with Sebastian, in terms of any aggressive behavior towards me. He has been kind, affectionate, sweet, and wonderful. However, it soon became clear to me that Sebastian had a past of being mistreated, whereby he does have some initial defensive reactions towards men in particular, and may take some more extensive time to warm up and completely trust men. So there should probably be a main female handler in the home, initially, to give Sebastian the time to relax and adjust to the man in the home (if that be the case). How wonderful it would be to find a man in the home that would be patient and kind, and give Sebastian time to trust him, while the female in the home was the main handler initially. It is very likely that Sebastian would adjust soon.

Sebastian is comfortable around dogs and has occasionally played with them, but typical to his breed type, he cares most about the humans. With the older dogs in my personal pack, (both male and female) he is completely respectful, and shares pet beds with them. However, with another rescue dog here that is a large breed goofy male puppy, with puppy antics and puppy energy, Sebastian attempts to regulate him, is sometimes annoyed by him, but they have learned to live in peace. After much experience working with dogs, I firmly believe that dogs are better off when they have another dog in the home; they seem to normalize each other, and in the long run, are more balanced psychologically, however, Sebastian does not seem to have any real need for other dogs, so he can be placed with another dog in the home, with the right fit, or as an only dog, as long as the humans are not collectively gone from home for long, extended hours on a daily basis (and no, this does not mean people need to be retired).

Sebastian seems to have a natural tendency, whenever someone comes to the gate, or stands alongside the fencing, to bark. He feels it is his job to defend his yard and territory. I am working with him to become more responsive to my direction when he gets into these protective states. He instantly approaches all females now, when they come to my home, but I allow HIM to approach THEM, in a strategic manner; I still do not see that he is a dog that any old stranger can just walk up to and instantly touch. With men, he has a natural tendency to initially distrust, so he needs a lot more practice with men. Sebastian will benefit from a lot more socialization, as well as formal training, with a more experienced dog handler. In his own (adoptive) home, Sebastian should eventually be just like any other dog, happy and loving, able to be corrected and managed, just as I have been able to do here at the rescue.

Sebastian is a joy for this rescuer to have around. He brings such an upbeat, happy energy. If I say, “Time to eat” he starts doing zoomies all over the yard. Sometimes, I just pick him up and put him in the crate, before saying “Time to eat” if I do not have time for him to be so emotionally demonstrative at feeding time, LOL. Sebastian is a very loving, sweet, and affectionate dog. He walks well on the leash, with more practice needed, and rides well in the car. He has been a dog that has been comfortable with me from day one.

I am seeking adopters who consider themselves to be more experienced with handling dogs, to include a structured training class at some post adoption point. Sebastian is not suggested for a first time dog owner, but I do consider him to be very adoptable to the right people who can help him to continue to grow and develop into a novel canine citizen. He may always have a slight defensiveness with men, due to his history, but I feel that he can do well given the right adoptive situation. I seek people who will not give him a one or two strikes out policy if he were to make a mistake, and not make him out to be a bad dog to give up on him; i.e., people who are willing to understand him and continue to be patient with him, and also be able to attend to his regular grooming needs.

NOTE: We only adopt dogs as primarily INDOOR dogs. Dogs can go outside to play, potty, to sun themselves at will, but should never be excluded to an outside area. We really appreciate when people take the time to set house manners and boundaries, instead of always having dogs outside. You do not need to give a dog the run of the entire house, and a crate is good for a transitional phase. Doggie doors are a plus but not required.

Sebastian is neutered, fully vaccinated (including rabies), Front-lined, dewormed, and micro-chipped. If you are interested in discussing Sebastian for a possible adoption, please contact Angel’s Heart Dog Rescue at: and provide the information requested in the first paragraph of this Bio. The phone number to the rescue is: 626-340-9316. There is no need to phone the rescue unless you do not receive a response from your email. Please also visit my website at: and go to the Adoption Tab to read about the adoption process and fees; thank you!

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Sebastian - I do not shed!

Sebastian - I do not shed!

  • Poodle
  • Young
  • Male