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Koda Boy, an adopted Australian Shepherd Mix in Clemmons, NC_image-1

Koda Boy Australian Shepherd Mix Clemmons, NC

  • Adult
  • Male
  • Large
  • White / Cream


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Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

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Meet Koda Boy

Koda Boy

Update after 3 weeks and 1 week post Neuter

Aussie Mix. Koda Boy is a sweet and affectionate fellow (Male) with bundles of energy to keep your full attention on him. Unfortunately he did not know his name so we changed it and he seems to be slowly responding to it, which is good. He is a fit 62lb's of strong, lean muscle and he likes to prove it sometimes. The mask he wears is his most prominent and beautiful trait which keeps you guessing to which dog is looking at you. With a body of white and black spot on his back, it ends with his dipped caramel black bottom on long powerful legs.

Koda Boy has a big personality and is not afraid to show his emotions. Everything he experiences seems to be a new experience. Car rides are a joy though he seems to not know how to leap into the car. Koda Boy does not like the crate and does not want to go in willingly. He will bark continuously and paws at the gate. He lives alongside our other foster Riley (Golden Retriever) and they get along just fine. He wants to be Alpha, so he pushes her around and pesters. He cries for attention and wants it all to himself. Koda Boy would ideally be better as a single dog. He is very jealous and it could be a problem for another strong alpha dog.

Koda Boy seems to be a people pleaser and likes everyone so far. He loves to talk to you when he wants something or wants your attention. It sounds like a growl so don't be alarmed. It's NOT an aggressive emotion. He is just saying Hi or "Hey! Pay attention to me." We do not know how he is with kids yet, but he plays a bit rough with the human and four legged kind. We don't think small/young children would be good for him.

We walked him around the perimeter of a dog park and he seemed interested to meet. However, two dogs came up to the fence and did not see eye to eye with Koda Boy . Maybe dog parks won't be a good idea for a meet and greet. Eating is a pleasure for him, but no people food. He is fine with his dog kibble. He does surf the counter so we can't leave him alone around food. He does listen when inside to no or ehh. We have not tested whether he guards his food, but he eats pretty fast. No trouble has come up between him and our other foster at meal time. They stay separated until finished. Even with treats they mind their manners. Koda does want to be Alpha and needs constant correction.

Koda Boy seems to be house trained as he has not used the bathroom in the house on purpose. Though we are diligent in taking him out. When Koda Boy is outside he is in his element. He loves to sniff and mark his territory. Koda Boy should not be left unsupervised when outside. Even with a fence he seems to look for an escape. Koda Boy is Husky smart and he will find a way if allowed. He is very curious about everything. He wants to chase anything that is moving. Cars, cats, rodents, birds, and anything that moves. So he needs to be only around other dogs. On the leash Koda Boy will pull continuously if leashed by his collar. He has attempted to throw his collar/harness, but unsuccessfully with us. A prong collar will prevent this and he will walk better as well. For some odd reason a harness seems to settle him down too. Though be careful if he wants to chase something. Koda Boy is VERY strong and when he is excited he could rip the leash right from you when he wants to go. He needs more training on the leash. Koda Boy does not seem to be scared of much, Thunderstorms YES. He will pace and want comfort.

Koda Boy needs a physically fit, vibrant, and active owner who needs as much attention and exercise as he does. Young kids may not be the best fit because he can be unintentionally rough at times. He does have the herding trait. Small animals may be in danger since he likes to chase. Do NOT crate him for more than an hour or 2. It would cause more emotional shock for him and he does not like it at all. Koda Boy deserves to have freedom to move and be with you. He enjoys cuddling, brushing, and rub downs more than one can provide. But he does need his 2-3x daily walk/runs. Again he wants to chase things, not sure if he will harm it, but I wouldn't test it. Koda Boy is a wonderful companion that will make many memories to come.

Koda Boy is fostered in Clemmons, NC

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Koda Boy

Koda Boy

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Adult
  • Male