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Causes of Feline Stomatitis

The cause of feline stomatitis is not known. Veterinarians have proposed a few theories, though:

  • The cat may be extremely sensitive to normal dental plaque. His immune system may overreact, resulting in inflammation. (This is one of the more widely accepted theories.)
  • The cat may have a suppressed immune system due to stress or another illness, such as the feline leukemia virus.
  • Certain breeds may be especially susceptible. Some researchers say feline stomatitis is common among Siamese, Himalayans, Persians and Somalis, though it is also seen in domestic short-haired and long-haired cats.
Causes of Feline Stomatitis


Because we don’t know what causes feline stomatitis, it’s hard to prevent the condition. Routine dental care is always recommended to maintain your cat’s health.

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