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  • Cat
  • Tuxedo Mix
  • Tuxedo Mix
  • Herndon, VA
  • Young
  • Male
  • Medium
Herndon, VA


Vaccinations up to date, special needs.
Prefers a home without

Meet Tippy URGENT!

Tippy is best described as the strong, silent type, meowing occasionally when he wants your attention. He is a CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) kitty, which means he has a development disorder that impacts his motor skills. Tippy offers all the charm and determination these cats are known for. He’s lean and lanky, which doesn’t seem fair given his balance and mobility challenges, but he never lets it bother him. He’s not in any pain and can eat/drink, use the litter pan and walk on his own. When he “tips over,” he picks himself up and continues on his way, determined to get where he’s going. Tippy is tightly bonded with Pitty Pat, another CH kitty, and you will often find them snuggling together. He also loves to snuggle with his humans and he’ll sidle up to you or crawl in your lap for love and attention. Tippy can’t jump or climb (no counter surfing here!), so precautions need to be taken around steps so he doesn’t fall. He loves to play and can propel himself great distances through the air to capture a toy and he needs someone who will take time to play with him daily to help strengthen his balance and coordination. Tippy also loves to be brushed and enjoys a gentle massage at the end of the day to relax those muscles that worked so hard.

If you’re looking for an affectionate, playful cat with great spirit, and you have the heart and home for this special needs pair, fill out an application for Tippy and Pitty Pat today!

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