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Happy Tail: This rabbit is a honey of a bunny


Bunnies are funny, and Mrs. Gary Nibbets, also known as Mrs. G. or Gigi, shows it when she zooms through her cardboard box tunnel each day. She also “loves to hop on our couch and then hop up onto the top of her condo and survey her domain,” says Jess Birken, whose family adopted Mrs. G. from Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society after spotting her on Petfinder.

Mrs. G likes to hang out with her family.

Mrs. G likes to hang out with her family.

The condo is a two-level 4×8’ cube that Jess has furnished with boxes and blankets and a stuffed bunny to keep Mrs. G comfy and cozy.

“Each morning and evening when we are home, she gets to come out of the condo for a few hours and hang out with us,” Jess says. “When we come over to her condo, she comes to the door as if to say, ‘Is it time to come out now? Yippee!’

“Gigi’s very relaxed in our house, and you will often find her just lounging on the carpet with her feet stuck out behind her, Superman-style. She does like a good pet once in a while and likes to hop up onto you and check you out, too.”

One of the cool things about rabbits as pets is that they are tidy. Mrs. G uses a litter box both in her condo and when she is roaming around the house.

Mrs. G enjoys a variety of foods, including rabbit pellets and timothy and orchard grass hay. Fresh veggies are always on the menu, and Jess says the bunny is a good influence on her daughters, Samantha, 5, and Alexandra, 8, who now ask for their own veggies when it’s bunny dinnertime.

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month, a good time to adopt some bunny to love. Learn more about rabbits and their care.

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