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Happy Tail: Bulldog finds life beyond a puppy mill


Maddy spent nearly five years in a puppy mill, having litter after litter. During those years, this French bulldog was known as 86, a number tattooed on her ear. Her feet were damaged from standing on wire all her life, and she didn’t know how to walk. At last, her little body gave out, and she could have no more puppies. Fortunately, rather than destroying her, the breeder relinquished her to All Rovers Rescue Friends (ARRF), based in Toledo, OH.

Maddy enjoys a home and yard after years in a wire cage.

Maddy enjoys a home and yard after years in a wire cage in a puppy mill.

It was a blessing. Then a second blessing entered her life: Jessica Barone saw her on Petfinder and traveled from her home in North Royalton, OH, to Michigan, where Maddy was being fostered, to adopt her.The transition to a real home wasn’t easy.

“We couldn’t get her to eat from a bowl for several weeks,” Jessica recalls.” “We assume she preferred to eat off the floor because that was what she was accustomed to.” She didn’t know how to go up and down stairs and wasn’t house trained.

”We spent the first several weeks with Maddy outside as much as possible,” Jessica says. “We waited until she went to the bathroom, and then whisked her into the house for a treat and some praise. Half an hour later we went outside and did it again. My daughter slept on the floor next to her crate for weeks to keep her company until she was housebroken and could sleep outside of it.”

In the past year and a half with the Barones, Maddy has blossomed. She has become outgoing and enjoys visitors and the Barones’ other dogs. But she saves her greatest affection for the Barones, who took her in when she needed them. “She loves us in a way that only a rescued dog can,” Jessica says.

And they love her right back with all their hearts.

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