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Congratulations to an incredible shelter vet!


lila miller photo.jpgKudos to Dr. Lila Miller of the ASPCA, who was awarded the 2008 AVMA Animal Welfare Award. The award was given to recognize Dr. Miller’s many achievements in advancing the welfare of animals via her leadership, public service, education, research and advocacy — and I couldn’t agree more with the choice!

We all know how important our relationships with our best friends’ doctors are. (I’m struggling personally right now because my own trusted veterinarian has moved too far away for us to visit regularly, leaving me too frozen with anxiety and indecision to select the right new doctor to partner with in my pets’ health care.) 

Our Petfinder member shelters and rescue groups face many challenges in
the process of finding homes for their adoptable pets. They consider
the docs who help them treat those animals and keep them healthy among
their greatest assets.  

Dr. Miller has done so much cool stuff
in her 25 years in shelter medicine, but I believe her role as the
cofounder and past president of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians
is one of the coolest. The ASV has been a driving force in advancing
the field of shelter medicine — first by recognizing it as a field,
and a critical one at that.  

Dr. Miller also co-edited the first veterinary textbook on shelter medicine, Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff. It’s a fabulous resource and I highly recommend it as a gift for any veterinarian working with a shelter or rescue group.  

Way to go, Doc!  

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