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Would you give your pet antidepressants?


dog psychiatrist.jpgThe cover story of the New York Times magazine on Sunday was this fascinating article about pets and antidepressants.

The main question: Is it a good thing that we’re treating our pets’ aggression, obsessive-compulsive behavior and separation anxiety with medication, when in the past those behaviors often led to euthanasia or surrender to shelters?

Or are we using a “magic pill” solution when we should be taking the time to train our pets, not to mention providing them with more natural lifestyles than sitting home alone doing nothing all day?

I don’t have an answer. (Full disclosure: My cat has a prescription for Prozac to help with compulsive grooming, but I’ve never given it to her, since she’s not, to put it mildly, easy to medicate.)

What do you think? Have you ever given your pet a psychoative drug, and how did it work out?

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