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A kitten rescue adventure


cute kittensThis morning when my husband and I headed to Prospect Park with our dog for our morning walk, we immediately saw an unusual sight: Two tiny, snow-white kittens clinging to a tree.

Another man stopped at the same time and mentioned that he had a carrier at his house across the street. He left to get it and I shooed away the dog walkers who had gathered to watch — including my husband!

Then one of the kittens started to slip down to where I could reach him. I gently plucked him off the tree, trying not to hold him too tight — big mistake! He wriggled out of my arms and skittered under a bush. Great — now I had to keep an eye on kittens in two separate places until the man returned with his carrier.

tree.jpgAfter what seemed like forever, the guy (who introduced himself as Steve) arrived with his nice, spacious cat carrier. At that point, a jogger stopped and offered to help, and with the three of us surrounding the kitten in the shrub, the little guy was too afraid to run and Steve was able to grab him and put him in the carrier.

Next it was time for the second kitten, still in the tree (that’s the tree in the photo — unfortunately I didn’t have my camera while this was going on!). Clinging precariously to one of the branches, Steve pulled himself off the ground with one hand and grabbed the kitten with the other.

Unfortunately, the kitten jumped out of his grasp and ran into the playground, which you can see in the background of the photo. But with the jogger’s help, Steve was able to get the little guy and pass him over the fence to me to put in the carrier.

Now the duo (whom I’ve named Smudge and Smitten — thanks to Lynn for her suggestion!) are resting on my desk in the carrier. I’ve given them water, food and litter but they haven’t touched any of it. Mainly they seem pooped. They’ve stopped hissing when I put my fingers up to the cage door and they keep curling up together in new and adorable formations. Smudge clearly has a severe infection in both eyes, but Smitten, aka Smitty, seems healthy. (NEWS FLASH — Smitty has gotten up and is eating!!). My 8-year-old cat, Molly, is here in the office but is sleeping in the closet and hasn’t come out to investigate the new arrivals. She will undoubtedly not be pleased.

Anyway, I’m taking them both to the vet tonight. Stay tuned!

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