Tips On Cleaning Ferret Ears

Tips On Cleaning Ferret Ears

Alicia Drakiotes

Ear Cleaning tips for ferret owners:

From time to time, ferrets get dirty ears. For optimum good health, it is always important to make sure the ears are clear of debris and discharge. Simple orange to yellow colored debris is normal and can be easily cleaned. If you notice very dark brown or black debris or any noticeable discharge a trip to the vet is in order to rule out yeast infections or ear mite infestations. Left untreated, both conditions can turn into severe health compromises in your pet ferret.

To clean your pet ferret’s ears we recommend the following:

  • Use a safe ear cleaning solution. We prefer Oti-clens™ cleanser but a similar safe ear cleaner can be recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Before you begin ear cleaning, set the bottle of ferret-safe gentle cleanser in a bowl of warm water to let the fluid warm -- remember cold drops are very irritating to our pets-- their body temp is 101-103 degrees so a cold drop at 68-70 is uncomfortable for the ferret.
  • Gently apply a few drops in each ear canal after warming (making sure the cleansing solution is not hot) and while still scruffing the ferret (grasping and firmly holding the fur on the back of the neck) , massage the area behind the ear -- this helps the drops get down deep and break up wax & debris. Your ferret will shake his / her head to clear the ear. A cotton ball or swab can be used to loosen debris from the outer ear. Be careful not to push a swab deep into the ear. You might pack the wax tight to the ear drum or accidentally punch a hole in it causing an inner ear infection.

If you are still unsure of proper cleaning techniques please contact either a shelter technician or veterinarian for instruction.