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Milwaukee Pets Alive

P.O. Box 370137
Milwaukee, WI 53237

Our Mission

Milwaukee Pets Alive (MPA) is an all-volunteer, No Kill, 501c3 special needs and considerations rescue that focuses on saving those local animals that have been passed over by, would not be accepted into, or would be killed by other rescues and shelters because of their needs and considerations and would have no other option for life except for through our organization. These animals may be shy, scared, under-socialized, injured, aged, differently-abled, have medical needs, or need extra resources – all deserve the chance to be loved and cherished. And all deserve time, understanding, patience, and good, comprehensive veterinary care to help them get happy, healthy, and reach their highest potential. Their lives are important.

Our mission, through our work aforementioned and through comprehensive programs and resources to educate and help community members help the animals in their own lives (thereby preventing more animals from entering the shelter system), is to end the killing of homeless companion animals in southeast WI. The population we rescue comprises those that continue to die in the greatest numbers in our community.

Our vision is for southeast WI to be one of the safest communities in the United States for companion animals.

Adoption Policy

All of Milwaukee Pets Alive's rescued animals live in foster homes as beloved members of a family as they await adoption into their forever homes.

We do not have a physical shelter location.

Our animals never stop being members of the MPA family - there are too many people here that love and care for them. When our animals get adopted, their adoptive family becomes a part of the MPA family. We stay in touch, share photos and updates, and sometimes even get to visit with our Alumni! - our adoptive families know we are all very attached to the animals who have come through our program and we want to hear about the beings we shared our hearts and homes with. If you want to adopt and never be heard from again, Milwaukee Pets Alive is not the right organization for you. If you want to be a part of a family for a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place.

We are able to share these comprehensive bios for each of our animals with you because we know our animals well as they already are members of a family living in foster homes! We want to get to know the people who are inquiring to be considered as part of our family as adoptive parents as you will be a vital part of this organization! If you are interested in one of our family members and are a match for what they are looking for, please SEND AN EMAIL to and tell us about yourself, why you are looking to add a companion to your family, what drew you to one of our beloved family members, and what you can provide our family member. We take the time to tell you who our animals are in detail. We will not consider inquiries from people who don't take the time in return to tell us about themselves and what they can give the precious life they want us to consider entrusting to them in equal detail. As such, we also will not consider inquires that come to us via the petfinder short form “Introduce Yourself” which does not provide enough information for us to determine if there is a potential match between our family member and the inquirer.
Every companion animal has wants and needs which are just as important as those of the human seeking a furry family member. Fulfilling and making sure our animals have everything they want and need is something we take very seriously. We are not able to respond to inquiries that are not a potential match to meet the wants and needs of our family member so check that you do before inquiring, and provide lots of details so we can make that determination. You can never provide too much information, but you can provide too little which could result in a good match being passed over. Considering homes for the family members we love and care so much for is a process of great significance and one our organization puts great thought and time into.

Milwaukee Pets Alive is like no other rescue in the SE WI area (maybe in the state...maybe in the U.S....maybe in the world!). We are working for the day that animals are seen as equals with humans (it’s strange to us that to many, they still are not – animals are so amazing) and seek individuals who share the same philosophy to join our family as adopters! Please read about the work we do, how we got started and how we chose the model of rescue we did, and our core values on our website at and you can see more personal stories about our animals and the people that love them on our facebook page,

After doing so, if you are interested in our organization, the work we do, and one of our companions, please email

Thank you!

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