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Our Mission

Special Bunny is a shelter/rescue for domestic rabbits. We have a particular fondness for special-needs and older bunnies, but most of our adoptables are not special-needs bunnies! They often come to us with medical needs, but we get them the medical care they need, polish 'em up, give them the attention and love they deserve, and hey presto! They turn back into regular bunnies who don't have any special needs at all...except their need for your love and care. Any of our adoptables who DO have special needs are marked on their profiles.  

Please visit our website often as we are always updating it with lots of information to help you take care of your bunny:  The goal of Special Bunny's website is to be a place where people with special-needs rabbits can come to find information in the care of their rabbits. 

Adoption Policy

Special Bunny has several wonderful rabbits up for adoption.  Most of our adoptables are 100% healthy and NOT special-needs! Many are rabbits that needed shelter from abuse or other circumstances. We also have special-need rabbits that are looking for the right home where they can receive a lot of love and attention.   

Please start here to learn more about our adoption process!

Special Bunny is located in Carnation, please e-mail to set up an appointment!

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