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Our Mission

PAWS Chicago is the city's largest No Kill humane organization, focused on solutions to end the killing of homeless pets. Since our founding in 1997, homeless dogs and cats killed annually in the City of Chicago has dropped more than 50 percent. PAWS Chicago is working to build a No Kill Chicago -- a city where pets are no longer destroyed just because they are homeless.

Adoption Policy

To adopt a cat or dog from PAWS Chicago, please visit our website and complete the ComPETibility Quiz and Adoption Application. Then, you can book an appointment to visit adoptable pets.

Here are our adoption requirements:

    - Be at least 21 years of age.
    - Have a U.S. government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or state ID
    - Verify that you are allowed to have a cat/dog where you currently live.
    - Be able to spend the time and resources necessary to provide the training, medical treatment and proper care for your cat.
    - Bring along all family members (including children) to meet the cat/dog(s).
    - Be able to take the cat/dog home on the day of adoption.
    - Have the time to spend up to an hour with an adoption counselor to discuss the responsibility of owning a cat/dog and making it a lifetime commitment.

Adoption Fee:

Dogs and Puppies:

• Up to 1 Year Old - $350 Adoption Fee + $100 Training Deposit ($450 total)*
• 1-7 Years Old - $250 Adoption Fee + $100 Training Deposit ($350 total)*
• 8+ Years Old - $200 Adoption Fee. No Training Deposit.

*Includes a $100 deposit that is refundable upon completion of positive reinforcement obedience training within 4 months of the adoption date. When you provide documentation that your PAWS dog has completed a positive reinforcement training course a reimbursement request will be processed.

Cats and Kittens:

• Kittens Less than 1 Year - $150 / Kitten
• 2 Kittens Less than 1 Year - $250 for the Pair
• Cats 1-5 Years old - $100
• Cats 6-9 Years old - $75
• Cats 10+ Years old - $50

  • day hours
    Monday 12pm-7pm
    Tuesday 12pm-7pm
    Wednesday 12pm-7pm
    Thursday 12pm-7pm
    Friday 12pm-7pm
    Saturday 11am-5pm
    Sunday 11am-5pm
    By appointment only

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets