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Microchips Are Catching On

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Animal identification has relied on microchipping since the 1980s.

Farmers and scientists regularly implant microchips in laboratory and farm animals.

Microchips Are Catching On


Microchips are also used in various wildlife welfare projects. The pet care industry grasped the technological promise of microchipping in the mid-1990’s.

Now, pet recovery networks across the nation foster effective treatment of injured, microchipped animals and increase the likelihood of reuniting you with your lost pet.

Pet microchipping continues to show promising growth:

• By 2005, some 8.2 million dogs and cats had received microchip implants. This number comprised 5% of the pet population—a small proportion, but an impressive number.

• Local governments are supporting growth, too—Los Angeles County requires microchip identification for dogs and El Paso, Texas requires that dogs, cats, and ferrets be microchipped.

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