Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15) 1 Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15) 2 Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15) 3
Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15) 1

Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15)

  • Dog
  • Black Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Black Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Morehead, KY
  • Senior
  • Male
  • Medium
  • Black
Morehead, KY


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Prefers a home without

Meet Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15)

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6/1 update from foster: Decided to give Opie his bath. I've been threatening to do it for a few weeks now but have not had a chance. He did amazingly well. He is now in a crate in the kitchen with a peanut butter kong and a squeaky toy (he LOVES rubber squeak toys). He's all shiny and he smells like a flower:)

5/22 update from Julia: He is still doing great BUT this evening he did go after one of the outside cats. He has ignored them up to today but I do think if he could have gotten to the cat he would have hurt him. His leg has gotten strong enough for him to run in spurts. He absolutely adores rolling in the grass. I sit down on the grass and he flops down by me and after some petting and beeping his nose he starts rolling this way and that way and snorts and has a blast. Loves squeaky toys. He has this little blue rubber bone thing that he loves.

5/12 update from Julia: In a few days Opie will get a good bath. He really needs one. He is such a sweet old man. He does very well with my female beagles. They jump on him and sniff and wiggle under his belly and Opie's tail wags and wags. He loves his walks and dances when he sees the lead in my hand. He loves the flexi lead since it gives him so much more room to run..and he does run! His leg is stronger and he is doing better with that but he does stop and rest often. He's panting in the beginning of this video because he just finished a lap around the yard:) He needed a bit of rest and figured he would enjoy a good roll while he was at it.  Click here to view today's video.

5/10 update from Julia: Opie is wonderful! He is such a big lug, such a doll, such a mush face boy. He even did OK with my butthead dog Flick. We sat on a blanket in the yard for some time and Opie would lay on his back for belly rubs and he even played with a squeaky toy.  He's been around cats and does well with them. Another update: He saw the outside cat, although the cat did not get close, Opie showed no interest in the cat at all. He has had no issues with any of my dogs he has met. Once I get through transport I plan on bringing Opie in the house and trying him inside. Fingers crossed all goes well with that.

5/7 update from Julia: He is VERY sweet, loves to be cuddled, have belly rubs, melt his big old body into your legs. Definitely a dog that was labeled wrongly. Now he did not like Maxx but he did not try to do anything other than get away from him. I can see that in an unsupervised situation with a very hyper dog in his face that Opie might give it back to them, but with my old ladies and my older mellow dogs he is doing great. He was even fine with my grumpy old chow Dini sniffing him.

5/6 update from Julia (foster mom): So far he is doing well and his tail is non-stop wagging. He met Jackson through the kennel fence and both were wagging. Millie Beagle was by his pen this morning doing her hello i'm Millie dance and he seemed genuinely happy to meet her. Will get him out on a leash while a few low key dogs are outside and will try to get some pics and video. He seems happy to be off concrete and on soft straw. He likes the dog house, it's also full of straw. He loves treats. He enjoys just being petted and will flop over on his back for belly rubs.

Unfortunately being kenneled long term has seriously weakened his rear leg. He could not handle a long walk, his leg started to tremble. So we will have to do a few shorter walks a few times a day and build up his strength. I will also start him on a joint supplement. He did very well with Millie and Betsy sniffing all over him. Both are senior beagles and sweet girls. They both have outgoing personalities and he was fine with it. I did get video of him and Millie but will have to wait until I am at clinic to upload it. He was fine with taking out the sutures.

5/4 update from Jan: He had been around grandchildren at the former owner's home and did ok.  Kids ranged in age from infants to teens.

5/3 update: Opie will be moving to a foster home soon for further evaluation. We'll update his bio when we know more about him.

Neutered, heartworm negative, up to date on vaccinations.  Opie is a laid back senior tripod looking for a laid back home.  He's been kenneled for months since his owner died last year. PLEASE someone give this guy a home! He is not good with cats but seems to be ok with older/calm dogs.  Stuck in boarding since last fall.  RESCUES HELP!

Intake date: 11/2/12

Dogs in the Rowan County K-9 Shelter receive their first dhppl vaccination (parvo/distemper) upon arrival at the pound. Rabies vaccine and spay/neuter surgery can be done for the $50 adoption fee. Please note rabies vaccine and surgeries are NOT done on site and dogs must be adopted before they receive rabies vaccine or surgery. We currently do not have the ability to cat test the pound dogs.

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Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15)

Opie* 10 yrs 60 lb (resq AHDR 6/15)

  • Black Labrador Retriever
  • Senior
  • Male