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What do you donate to your shelter?


After a tornado struck Joplin, MO, where we live, we donated a portable kennel our dog had outgrown to our local shelter, which was taking care of many displaced pets. It started us thinking about cleaning out closets and basements — spring cleaning, in fact — to donate other items we no longer needed.



So in our March newsletter, we asked what you shared with your shelter or rescue group. The No. 1 answer was your time. We are always awed that so many of you give so many of your precious hours to help homeless pets.

Dee cleans kennels and donates lap time to kitties. She admits it’s hard to get over wanting to take them all home but has resigned herself to the idea that her job “is to help each and every kitty over that hump of losing its home and helping it to feel loved again.”

Carol, who says she’s mostly a dog person, volunteers once a week at her shelter and says it’s the best “job” she has ever had. She also helps out at adoption events and, like others of you, donates things the shelter needs.

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Julie listed numerous items she donates: towels, linens, extra pet
supplies and other items the shelter has on its wish list, such as
laundry detergent, paper towels and office supplies.

Others of you donate your skills, such as grooming pets after they are
brought into a shelter, fur matted and dirty, to give them a better
chance of being adopted (and to make them more comfortable).

We’re hoping this will inspire you to look around your home and find
things to donate. Some shelters accept newspapers. Or, how about buying
yourself some new towels and donating the ones that seem frayed along
the edges? Ask if your local shelter or rescue group has a wish list.

And, because money is always a good thing to donate, we’ll end with a
cute fundraising idea from Jeannine: “I host a Kentucky Derby party
every year and everyone MUST wear a hat.” She collects fines from those
who don’t wear hats and donates the proceeds to a local shelter. “Last
year I took them $130,” she says, adding that even those who wear hats
often donate.

Thanks to all of you for responding to our newsletter — and keep up your good work.
Thanks for all your responses.
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