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Lost-Pet Reunions: A dog sneaks out his pet sitter’s cat door



Spike decided to go look for his family, and his pet-sitter’s cat door provided the perfect way out.

Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

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Spike Ran Out the Pet Sitter’s Cat Door – From Robyn in Clearwater, FL

We took our first vacation since getting Spike and his sister in April of 2009 and went up to New Jersey for a long weekend to visit friends and family. A friend in Tampa (the next city over) was to watch
Spike for the weekend so that he could play with her Boxer. We dropped him off at 10 a.m. on Friday and by 7 p.m. Spike made his way through their cat door and out into the neighborhood.

My friends and family went searching for him all weekend, posting signs and talking to strangers, and came up empty-handed. We arrived in town on Monday and started the search right away. We even went to the local animal services building but did not find him and called it quits Monday night. We expected him to be dead …

On Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., I received a phone call from HomeAgain telling me they had a woman on the phone with information about Spike. We were connected and I found out he had been spotted about a mile away from my friend’s house. I jumped in the car with a work colleague and, with the help of good Samaritan, found him resting in the front yard of a stranger’s house. He had chemical burns covering his entire underside and feet (he probably got into someone’s trash, or it was from pesticides) but was not severely malnourished or dehydrated.

After one night at the vet and lots of pain medicine and burn cream, he is back to being the same dog. He is hairless with lots of spots and his spots have even come back. But now, he won’t leave our side for any reason, which is not a bad thing! Thanks HomeAgain! I would have never thought that, after five days, we’d be reunited.

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