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November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month



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In anticipation of Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, the ASPCA asked members to send in their senior pet adoption stories, and here they are, in their gray-and-white glory, blurry-eyed and creaky, bowed but proud.

The joys of owning a senior pet are often overlooked as tiny kittens or jumping puppies usually grab everyone’s attention at the shelter. As the human companion of two senior dogs, I can tell you that the companionship of a quiet, older pet can be very satisfying.

We often lie on the bed, spooned together, breathing together and being “in the now” in a way that would be impossible with a squirming youngster. These dogs know me — and I, them — in all my moods and states of low-energy or high. They delight simply by BEING with me. I don’t need to amuse them. I just need to be me. (I have yet to meet a man who would be as happy as that, with “just me.” LOL!)

If you’re interested in adopting your own senior pet, it’s easy to do. Just choose “senior” in the age field of the search tool that you can find on the left of every page on Petfinder.

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