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Happy Tail: The victim of a cruel prank finds happiness


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Here’s a touching Happy Tail we received from Kat Wamba of Federal Way, WA:

rescued dog

When our Chihuahua Sigurd passed away in the fall of 2007,
everyone, including our remaining dog, Tika, was sad. I didn’t want to rush
into getting another pet, but after six months our yard seemed too big for one
dog, and Tika still seemed lonely.

However, Tika was always shy with other
dogs, and I knew that we would have to think carefully before adopting a new
one. Enter Petfinder. We scrolled through dog after worthy dog, knowing
that Tika would be terrified of most of them.

And then — we saw Abena from The
Big Dog Project
in Silverdale, WA. Three years old and shy, she had been living in a park in Taiwan when she
was tricked into eating a firecracker. She was found by a wonderful woman who
brought her to the vet’s office, where they reconstructed her muzzle and eye
socket, before transporting her to the States through The Big Dog Project.

knew, we just KNEW, that we had to meet her. She’s been with us for almost two
months now. Still shy with strangers, she follows me everywhere and lets my son
spoil her with treats. She runs and plays shyly with Tika, and they both curl
up at my feet as I work. Our yard seems less empty when Abena (which means
“beautiful” in Gaelic) is in it. Tika is happy to have a friend. And
we are grateful to have the opportunity to be with such a loving and forgiving


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