Give a Pet Promise Certificate

Cat in a gift box

Celebrate the Gift of Pet Adoption!

Want to give a pet as a gift? Give our Petfinder's Pet Promise Certificate instead! With the Pet Promise Certificate, your loved one can adopt the pet that best suits his or her lifestyle -- and you promise to cover the adoption fees for the new family member. In addition, the Certificate features a New Adopter's Pledge that promotes responsible pet parenting.

How It Works:

  1. Download and print the Pet Promise Certificate.
  2. Give the Certificate to your loved one along with a sample pet item, such as a cat carrier or a dog leash.
  3. If the recipient is ready for the commitment of a new pet, he or she should sign the New Adopter's Pledge.
  4. Search Petfinder together to find just the right pet, then contact the shelter or rescue group about adopting.
  5. Encourage your loved one to send us a Happy Tail with his or her new pet's photo and story!