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Our Mission

Northwest Boxer Rescue is looking for foster homes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.  The more foster homes we have, the more Boxers we can save!

Since we don't have a kennel facility, foster homes are an integral part of our ability to save Boxers. If you would like to open your home from two weeks to up to several months to help save a Boxer in need, please complete our foster application. A representative of NWBR should be in touch with you within one week to discuss the next step to becoming a foster.


NWBR Foster Application


Our Backstory:

The Stjern family founded NWBR in 2011 after rescuing Paris and Bane:  Two Boxers several years apart, in desperate need of a loving home.  Scars and torture marks indicated tough histories for these two, but it didn't stop them from accepting love and becoming part of the

Adoption Policy

We'd like to tell you about our Adoption Process. First, all of us at Northwest Boxer Rescue are volunteers and no one is paid. We do the best that we can to respond as timely as possible, but we also have dogs, children, spouses, jobs, families, and homes - just like you. So, please be patient with us.

Completing an application is the first step in adopting a boxer from NWBR. We try to respond to the request as soon as possible and contact you by phone once we have received the application. Tell us what dog you are interested in on the application. We are glad to answer any questions you have. We want to get to know you and make sure the dog you adopt is the right wiggle butt, not just a dog. It is not only important that you will be happy with your new family member but that your new family member has found their perfect forever home. Many of our dogs come from rough backgrounds and deserve great homes. We spend a lot of time with these guys and try very hard to get to know them as we

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