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Rompin Paws Rescue

Arlington, WA

Our Mission

We currently have 37 dogs for adoption, rescued from Southern California High Kill Shelters, the desert in the Sierra Nevada's and off the streets and fields in Bakersfield California as well as Craigslist where people give away animals that find themselves in danger of torture or being used as bait in dog fighting rings

We are a newer organization , however the Founder has been rescuing animals since she was 11 years old, rescuing one dog or cat at a time from here hometown kill shelter, then finding homes for them.

Founder and President Cheryl Salvati, Worked with a Seattle based rescue for two years, learning about Kill shelters in California and helping the rescue develop a relationship with one shelter- Moreno Valley Whose kill rates are over 70% and who needed more rescues to step up to save beautiful puppies and dogs dumped by backyard breeders and people ignorant to the plight of animals, who do not neuter or spay, or treat animals as commodities and dump them at the shelters

Adoption Policy

 We are a foster based rescue with a sanctuary in Arlington Wa.. Fosters are the backbone to any rescues ability to save animals. Out fosters feed, love and care for the dogs until permanent "forever" homes can be found for each pet.

Fosters may or may not have resident pets. some people foster who have small windows of time, they can help care for a shelter pet, but may not be ready or able to commit to a lifetime of care for one pet. This allows us to rescue a dog and have it in a loving home until adopted while allowing flexibility to fosters.

if you would like more information or to become a foster, Please contact Cheryl at:


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Recommended Pets