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Appalachian Feline Friends

Big Stone Gap, VA

Our Mission

Established in 2016 as a charitable organization, what started as a few friends trying to save cats, has grown into a 24/7 feline rescue organization with numerous volunteers and a board of Directors. Many of our cats and kittens are fostered in homes with loving caregivers, while others temporarily reside in our main facility, "Hazel's House" (yes, there's a story). Regardless of which furry residents are where, all receive the best veterinary health care immediately upon intake, receive socialization and loving interaction throughout the day, and continue medical follow up throughout their stay with us on the road to adoption, including sterilization.

Our volunteers are scattered about, but our rescue is rooted in rural Southwestern Virginia. We focus on saving adoptable cats and kittens from regional shelters that euthanize. Because only one of our surrounding counties has a shelter for cats, we also care for abandoned seniors and infants that otherwise have no place to be surrendered. We are striving to end euthanasia in the region that is solely as a result of overcrowding and lack of veterinary care. Through adoption, feral colony number reduction, and educating our community as to the importance of spaying, neutering, and regular veterinary care, we hope to minimize or eliminate feline over-population in this economically distressed region.

Adoption Policy

Every cat receives excellent health care with the first visit being upon intake.

As age/health appropriate, each cat is immediately tested for FIV/FELV, receives rabies and FVRCP vaccines, as well as tested/treated for ear mites, ringworm fungus, parasitic worms, checked for declawing, as well as scanned for a microchip (we exhaust all measures to reunite a lost cat with its owner).

Be assured the health and socialization of our animals is top priority, as well as their comfort level. We determine their ability to coexist in communal living versus a foster home and make every accommodation possible to ensure they're happy while in our care.

So as not to rob the world of the joy of adopting kittens, we allow pre-altering adoptions on the condition that the adopter will have this done at the earliest healthy time for the cat and confirmed by giving consent to the veterinarian to provide us the date of sterilization.

Our adoption application includes our rules and policies. Please review it carefully before committing. Our furkids (adults AND kittens) are like our children. You are forever accountable to us for their care once you enter into our family as an adopter. It is available by request or by using the following link to the pdf in our OneDrive account. It must be printed for completion.

Our adoption "fees" are considered donations. We ask a minimum amount for each cat based on the financial investment we have already made for the cat's veterinary care. The three-tiered donation request is $50, $75, and $100. The maximum requested donation amount is only in cases where a cat has required emergency intervention/surgery/medication (which is infrequent). Rest assured every cat has received a minimum of $150-300 worth veterinary care prior to adoption.

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