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Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue

PO Box 2603
Wimberley, TX 78676

Our Mission

WAG Rescue has a retail store, Treasures on Twelve, located at 13620A RR12 in beautiful Wimberley, Texas.  Please visit our website for information and directions on how to find our store.  All proceeds from the store benefit our dog rescue and adoption efforts.

Mission & Vision  

To rescue homeless, neglected, abused and forsaken dogs in Wimberley,

Texas and place them into loving, permanent homes.

WAG Rescue is a volunteer supported organization committed to the following community services:

To rescue and assist in the permanent placement of stray, abandoned, unclaimed, and surrendered dogs in and around Wimberley, Texas.
To promote and ensure the compassionate and humane treatment of dogs in our care by providing medical treatment, vaccinations, spay/neuter services, and professional behavioral evaluation, training and rehabilitation if required.
To place

Adoption Policy

We require an adoption application before we can set up a meet & greet.
There is no obligation to adopt one of our dogs when you submit an application.

Adopter must be 21 years of age or older.

Adopter must have a permanent residence and agrees to a home visit, if needed.

Adopter agrees to keep the dog current on all vaccinations, provide Heartworm prevention year round, and spend the time and money necessary to provide required veterinary care.

Our dog's (over 4 months of age) are sterilized before adoption. If too young to sterilize before adoption, the adopter agrees to abide by the Adoption Agreement and have the puppy sterilized by 6 months of age. We reserve the right to take the dog back if not sterilized.

We require all dogs in the potential adopter's home to be current on all vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

Adopters that plan on keeping their dog outside agree to provide proper shelter and protection from the elements. This will be evaluated on a home visit. Most of our dogs are inside-outside dogs.

Homes with fenced yards are strongly preferred, but exceptions are made based on the size, age and activity level of the dog. Some of our dogs will require a fenced yard.

We do not condone dogs being chained or tethered for any reason. It is against the law in Wimberley. If we find an adopted dog is being chained or tethered we reserve the right to take the dog back.

We do not condone dogs transported in the back of an open bed truck without a secured dog kennel that provides safety and relief from the sun, rain and/or cold and potential injury from an accident.

We will adopt out of state, but we do not put our dogs on airplanes. You are welcome to visit Wimberley if you truly are interested in one of our dogs.

We do not allow adoptions as a gift for someone, exceptions are made for minor children where the adopter is the adult parent.

We ask that if for whatever reason you cannot keep the dog you adopted, contact us! We will take our dogs back. Do not surrender the dog to another person or shelter. WAG Rescue makes a lifetime commitment to it's dogs.

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