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Apollo Support & Rescue

1170 Dove Hill Rd
Justin, TX 76247

Our Mission

We have moved to our forever home on 5 acres at 1170 Dove Hill Road in Justin, TX! We welcome you to come and visit us and meet our wonderful dogs! We always welcome volunteers to help with our everyday needs. The dogs always love extra attention, treats and walks! We have a big list of needs also, if you want to check out our Facebook page you will see the post pinned to the top!

We are a 501c3 organization that dedicates our time to saving abandoned and unwanted animals. We rescue animals moments from being euthanized at the local shelters. We save animals abandoned on the streets who have been dumped and left to survive on their own. Our mission is to give these unwanted animals the medical attention they need and to place them in a safe and loving homes.

If you would like to donate to our organization please visit

Adoption Policy

If you're interested in adopting from us, please fill out our pre-application:

Adoption Fees:
Long-timers: $50
Senior Dogs: $100
Adult Dogs: $200
Puppies: $300

Kittens up to 1 year old: $150
Adult Cats up to 10 years old: $125
Senior 10 & up or Longtimer: $50

Out of State Adoptions:: Thanks to our partnership with Petco, all adopters will pick up their new fur members at a safe Petco location. All pets are delivered to the PNW by Apollo in their own transport van.

Adult Dogs & Puppies: $600
**Puppies have to be 8 weeks old and a strict spay/neuter contract will be signed. Adopter will also cover remaining vaccines, if needed.
Seniors: $400
Bonded Pairs : $900
Cats: $350

All of our Adoptions include: 24petwatch Microchip and registration. We cover all age appropriate vaccinations, HW test, and spay and neuter. All dogs are current on Prevention.

Adoption fee for puppies includes: 24petwatch Microchip and registration, all 3 sets of vaccines/dewormer, Rabies vacines at 12 weeks, and spay/neuter when the puppy reaches appropriate age. (Vouchers provided to be used at one of our approved locations). - go to our Adoption Events tab and see where we will be at next ! Come meet us and some of our awesome dogs!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets