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Our Mission

CPR is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing placement services to displace animals in the Southern Oregon area.  CPR was founded with the desire to provide homes for the increasing number of pets abandoned in county shelters and from owner surrenders.  We are open to taking in animals from outside Oregon as room is available, based on case by case and/or urgency.

CPR operates with a "Safe Haven" policy in accepting animals for re-homing.  Animals are placed in foster homes where they are cared for while waiting their forever homes.  Animals will be up to date on required vaccinations and all animals of age are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, unless they are too young at the time or a health risk.  

The founders of CPR each came to the group with their own personal skills as related to the rescue and re-homing of displaced pets.  Some with years of experience in rescuing and re-homing and most with experience in fostering and

Adoption Policy

CPR is above all here to find loving and forever homes to pets who may otherwise not have had that chance previously. We will never knowingly put any pet into a situation that is not in that animal's or person's best interest.  

We have an adoption application which is the first step.  We also do home visits that are hopefully easy to bare and non intrusive but equally important for safety issues or to meet the other pets in the home.  We do not use the "first come, first serve" method of adopting our pets, we will make choices that best fit.  

Critical Pet Rescue does not have a holding area or kennel to visit.  Our animals are all in loving foster homes where they get hugs, kisses, training, socialization and most of all, love.  We are happy to make an appointment for you to meet any of our animals.  Pat Schaffner  541-450-0002


Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets