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Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue

Chillicothe, OH

Adoption Policy

We do have a process to adopt. First, tell us what dog (s) you are interested in. We'll send you our adoption application via email. We will require at least one vet reference in order for you to adopt one of our dogs. As well as a professional reference.

Home checks are a must to adopt one of our dogs. If this offends you, then our rescue is not for you. We have a responsibility to our dogs, to ensure they are going to a safe and loving home. We encourage out of state adoptions and will reach out to rescue friends to complete a home check for you. Transporting the rescue will be the responsibility of the adopter. We do not "hold" dogs for any adopter. We do work with Gods Dogs Rescue for transporting our dogs and will help facilitate the process for you. Payment for transport is always paid upfront by the approved adopter.

All our dogs must remain as an indoor pet outside kennels, tie-outs, or long periods outside and unattended. Fenced yards are preferable but not a deal breaker, as long as proper exercise is given to the pet. In most cases however, we do insist on a fenced yard. There have been too many sad outcomes of adopted dogs being stolen,lost, or hit by a car.

The ideal adopters for our seniors will be mature single or couples. These are older dogs, that want a calm and quiet household. They deserve peace and quiet in their golden years.

Most important to this rescue, is the absolute best home we can find. So, if there are several applicants for any of our dogs, the best home for the rescue will be chosen

Please direct any questions or inquiries to us at :

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