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Paw Pact Alliance, Inc.

Farmingville, NY

Our Mission

The Paw Pact Alliance is a group of dedicated animal lovers who donate their time to assist animals in need. This can range from fostering a stray, abused or neglected dog or cat and provide it with a warm loving home encompassing its complete needs to include socializing and basic training to make it suitable for placement in its forever home. We also provide Trap Neuter and Return for Feral cat colonies including education on taking care of a feral colony.
In these tough economic times we believe that pets should remain with their families. Some families have fallen on hard times and are faced with being unable to feed their pet due to financial constraints. This can often cause an owner to surrender their pets. In order to keep these families together we provide food for the pets for several months in order to help the owners get back on their feet.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets