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Itty Bitty City Kitties

Arverne, NY

Our Mission

Itty Bitty City Kitties is a 501c3 Animal Rescue, Welfare, and Adoption organization based in Rockaway Beach, New York City. Our primary focus is working with the most fragile of orphan felines, neonatal infant kittens, helping them to grow and thrive. We also specialize in caring for mothers and babies, helping to find them safe homes, while mama does her most important job.

We support feral feline welfare, working with local caretakers to TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) local cats. The health and welfare of community cats is vital to the welfare of infant kittens. Spay/neutering and vaccinating the feral community helps the mamas and papas live long, healthy lives, and helps to limit the orphan kitten population.

Itty Kitties is dedicated to helping local businesses, people, and their pets. We assist in providing low-cost veterinary services, access to spay/neuter, and help to maintain local community cat colonies.

Adoption Policy

Beginning the Process:
1. You'll fill out an application and send it back. It takes approximately a week for processing and completion once it's received. Make sure all information you provide for references, work and living, are up-to-date and correct, as we call everyone.
2. Once the application has been verified, we ask we do a phone interview to go over all details and talk about the rest of the process, and answer any additional questions. I also ask that as part of the process we conduct a FaceTime or Zoom interview, in lieu of a home visit (which can be your phone interview, too).
3. If all goes well, after all steps are completed, we can formalize the adoption.

The Itty Kitties MUST LIST with adoptions are:
They MUST be kept up to date on all vet care.
They MUST stay indoors or leashed when outside.
They MUST never EVER be declawed.
You MUST have a plan in place for any travel/illness/death.
You MUST never just give them away if you cannot take care of them.
You MUST be able to provide for their well-being and their care. Pets can be very expensive, so before you take one on, you must be really ready for it.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets