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Our Mission

We are an all VOLUNTEER unpaid RESCUE/FOSTER group that started in 2018 by providing love and 24/7 in home foster care on St. Croix USVI for the abandoned unwanted puppies and Mama dogs that cannot survive in an overcrowded shelter or alone in the bush. Or worse - abused.

We provide top quality care and nourishment, toys and supplements, maintain scheduled vet care and for many of our pups - it is the first time they have felt loved. Our goal is to keep them out of a cage, out of a shelter and in a clean loving home environment where they can be nurtured back to optimal health and thrive.

We transport from St. Croix to New Jersey and foster the pups in our home until the best forever home is found. We then deliver them to their new home and into the arms of their forever family.

We believe in spay/neuter programs and all our pets receive examinations, vaccinations, micro chip, and medical care by licensed veterinarians familiar with the prevention treatments for their region including heartworm, Lyme’s, coccidia, parvo, hookworm and other parasites. Our adopters will receive complete medical records,

We guarantee lifetime placement to insure no pet of ours is ever unwanted or homeless again.

Adoption Policy

Our rescue animals have received age appropriate vaccinations and have received medical clearance for adoption by licensed veterinarians. It is imperative that each adopted pet continue to receive proper medical care including veterinarian visits, vaccinations, monthly parasite treatments as well as a clean, safe and loving home environment.

The pet will be present during the home visit. At that time it is important that all members of the household are present including other animals. No STX Happy Tails pet will be considered fully adopted until the 7 day home trial has been conducted and all parties agree that it is a 100% “fit”. If the home visit is not satisfactory - no home trial will be permitted.

Please see our attached adoption application for information on adoption fees, and other important information.

We are a 100% Volunteer organization and 100% of our adoption fees goes to the rescue operation. We guarantee our pets a home for life and upon intake by our organization- the pet has remained out of a shelter and had been fostered 24/7 in our homes as a member of our family to insure the pet is properly socialized, and well cared for while they recover from their abandoned, neglected and unwanted start in life.

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Adoption Application

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