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Revolution Rescue

Lincoln, NE

Our Mission

Revolution Rescue is a volunteer & foster-based company out of Lincoln, NE, and is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit group.

Mission Statement
It is Revolution Rescue’s sole drive and mission to help prevent cruelty to animals by providing exceptional foster care and re-homing services for homeless dogs and cats, concentrating on those who have ended up on the line in area shelters and throughout the states. We strive to educate the public on unfair legislation towards certain breeds, companion animal overpopulation, and the alternatives of fostering and re-homing as a solution to help end the killing of adoptable animals. Because they all deserve a chance.

Our Story
The backbone of this rescue started as a small network of friends who were determined to help end and prevent cruelty by lessening the number of animals in need, especially the ones in the shelter systems. The euthanasia statistics are staggering. Far too many animals are not given a chance, mainly due to lack of space, and we are changing by one.

We will continue to fight Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) towards the many dogs that carry the unfair stigma of being a “bully breed”. If more people can open their minds and their hearts, and give these amazing animals a chance, we can reduce the number being held (and not making it out of) our shelters.

We are a team devoted to each other and to animal rescue. To learn a bit about our members, click on "Board" below!

Our Promise
We are dedicated to making a positive difference for any and all animals that come into Revolution Rescue, so that the transition to their forever home will go as smoothly as possible. We encourage everyone to save the life of a shelter pet by adopting. Supporting breeders by purchasing animals from pet stores, etc…only adds to the problem and is how so many end up facing certain death.

We promise you won’t be sorry. Rescue is the best breed!

Revolution Rescue. Raising the bar for shelter animal rescue.

Adoption Policy

Applications to adopt our animals are available on our website

Pet Adoption Process:

Step 1: Please complete and submit the Adoption Application. Filling out the adoption application is NOT a commitment to adopt: it is simply the first step in the process. You may fill out the application online or if you prefer to put pen to paper, just email us and we will send one to you via mail.

Step 2: Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed by a Revolution Rescue team member. We are not able to accept every application for adoption and we reserve the right to reject applications without reason. Adoption applications are PROCESSED on a first come first serve basis but are APPROVED based on which applicant is the best match for the animal and family. Revolution Rescue will perform a vet check and reference check (no exceptions). WE WILL call your vet and make sure all animals in your care are current on their vaccinations, rabies, on a monthly heart worm preventative and spayed/neutered. We also require 2 personal references that are not family related.

Step 3: If your application is approved, a Revolution Rescue team member will be contacting you to schedule a home visit. Revolution Rescue has guidelines for application acceptance and realizes that your opinion may differ from ours. Please understand that we will always have the best interests in mind for our animals.

Step 4: When the home visit passes, we will schedule you for a “meet & greet” with the desired animal. Your entire family will meet the potential candidate and make sure it’s a good match for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Step 5: With the meet and greet thumbs up, Revolution Rescue will set up a “sleep over”. Our “sleep over” program has been quite successful with our adoption process. We believe it is important for the potential family to spend quality time in their own home, and a few hours just aren’t enough to make sure if our animal will be the right fit. It also gives you the opportunity to bond with your potential new family member.

Step 6: The final step! If the “sleep over" was a huge success, we will then approve your adoption application. One of our team members will set up a time to meet you at your home and finalize the adoption. A contract will be required. Our contract is a legal-binding document that spells out your responsibilities as the owner of the pet you are adopting. In addition, the contract provides you with a record for the medical history that Revolution Rescue provided for the animal while in our care.

** Every penny of an adoption fee goes towards our animal’s medical expenses while they are in possession of Revolution Rescue. In fact, in most cases, the adoption fee falls short of the actual medical expenses spent on our dogs and cats. The average amount we spend on a healthy rescued animal is $300-$350, but it could easily cost Revolution Rescue as much as $2,000 (or more) depending on any medical issues. Revolution Rescue depends solely on public donations. **

Disclaimer: No person can predict future animal behavior; the site owners, Revolution Rescue and its volunteers, accept no responsibility for any liability or for any injury, damages, cost or expenses to any person or property caused by ANY listed animals, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage in connection with an adoption or ownership of a Revolution Rescue dog or cat.

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