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Our Mission

The mission of Spay and Neuter Today is to make the world a safer place for animals, one kitty at a time! We build and operate programs like our Kitten Calvary satellite foster care locations, our expert Medical Program for animals in our care, our Cat Sanctuary and more.

Every year, thousands of animals in our area are orphaned, injured, abandoned or at risk of death outdoors and in animal shelters. Without a temporary caregiver, these animals face an uncertain fate, but we are committed to changing that outcome for as many as we can.

Through TNR and rescue, we work to control cat overpopulation and prepare animals to transition into forever homes.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters apply through a form on our website. These applications are vetted by us through email and/or by phone. We start with a discussion with the applicant on why they are interested in that particular animal and what their homelife is like. We verify their residential address and if the applicants own or rents. If they rent, we verify that they are permitted to have a pet. We're also looking for the best situation for that particular animal, so we ask about children and other animals in the home. If approved, we will usually arrange pick up from one of our foster homes or the local Pet Supplies Plus or PetSmart that we partner with.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets