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Our Mission

Our vision is simple: We strive for a world where every companion animal has a safe and loving forever home and their family has the knowledge and resources needed to give them the life they deserve.

Because of this, we’ve made it our mission to do whatever we can to make that a reality for animals and their people who are in need every single day. We help animals in a variety of situations, including those surrendered, found stray, humanely trapped, and more.

However, because we don’t have a shelter, we can only take new animals in when we have an adequate and vacant foster homes. This commitment sometimes severely limits the number of animals we are able to take in at one time as well as the kind of animals that are eligible to enter our care.

More information about Ruff Start’s mission, vision, and values can be found on our Mission & Impact page.

Adoption Policy

Ruff Start Rescue is a foster-based rescue, meaning no animals are available at the Princeton, MN office for public viewing or adoption. All animals in our care reside in foster homes with few special exceptions for our adoption center animals.

Interested in adopting from Ruff Start? Read on to learn about our standard adoption process. Please use this as a guide as you begin your journey to finding a new family member.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets