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West Michigan Ferret Connection

Grand Rapids, MI

Our Mission

To advocate for ferrets in Michigan through rescue/surrender, boarding, adoption and education.

Adoption Policy

First and foremost, let it be clear. Efforts to select a potential owner committed to providing a permanent home is the highest priority and taken very seriously. The West Michigan Ferret Connection retains the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason.

The WMFC does not adopt to those under 21 years of age.

The WMFC does not adopt to people with children under the age of 10 years.
The WMFC does not adopt to renters.

FOOD NOTE: The WMFC firmly believes "BETTER NUTRITION, BETTER HEALTH." For that reason, the ferrets here are being fed a combination of Totally Ferret ferret food, Zupreem and Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support. The WMFC does not endorse Marshall (original) ferret food, Wild Harvest (Walmart), Mazuri, Meijer brand ferret food or Kaytee.

The shelter ferrets at the WMFC do not receive treats because treats have no nutritional value (just like human treats). They do receive a mixture of canola oil and salmon oil. It’s a replacement for Ferretone and Furotone and it’s also used when trimming nails. Litter used is regular wood stove pellets. Cage mates are NEVER split up. We highly recommend Ferret Nation cages for housing.

FYI, the adoption fee is $150 per ferret which includes rabies/distemper vaccination certification. There is also a $25 charge for a 4-lb bag of Totally Ferret Active that is not negotiable since this is the food they are eating. You are advised to mix it.

Recommended Pets

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