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Saving Future Feral Cats

Stevensville, MD

Our Mission

Saving Future Feral Cats, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the overpopulation and suffering of stray, lost, feral & abandoned cats.  We believe it is our responsibility as a community to care for the cats that we as humans have abandoned or failed to spay and neuter or have forced the cats to live outdoors.
Saving Future Feral Cats Goals are: 
*Trap Neuter/Spay Vaccinate Release and Maintain community cats
*Rehabilitate and find  loving forever homes for those cats that cannot be released 
*Educate and provide support to the community in order to reduce the feral cat population

Adoption Policy

Please fill out our adoption form (don’t just send a Petfinder inquiry!):

We require that all of our cats be adopted with the intent to make them a part of your family and keep forever. If a situation that cannot be controlled arises the cat must be returned to SFFC immediately. Never surrender our adopted cats to another rescue or shelter, they must be returned back to SFFC.
We require that you keep up with annual vet appointments.
We require that all our adopted cats stay indoors at all times to keep them safe. You must inform SFFC if the cat gets out and or is lost.
We require that all the cats claws stay intact and are never declawed.

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