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Our Mission

Azrael’s Place ultimate mission is to restore love, respect, and value for the female principle.
Our primary focus is on rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of our feline friends and counterparts.
We help people enrich their lives through a deep connection with the magnificent healing power of cats.

Azrael's Place is a group of volunteers that gathered together to help animals in need. Majority of our cats come from Chicago Animal Control.

We place a special focus on cats that are deemed shy, aggressive, under socialized and/or abused. Azrael’s Place is committed to providing shelter, food and medical care and re-homing assistance to rescued, abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless

Adoption Policy

Azrael’s Place founders and volunteers invest a lot of time, energy, and funds into rehabilitating unwanted cats. But most of all we invest our hearts. We are sure that adopting a cat to your family is the best thing that one can hope for. But we just need to go through the procedure and make sure… Please bear with us and our questions.  

Please, if you inquired about a cat, check your spam folder! Sometimes our emails land there..sigh... 

Our adoption process starts with an adoption application. We would also like to talk and get to know you a little better. Main event is of course meeting your future best friend! We don't have an option for in-person visits. Instead, we do a video call for you to meet the cat. 

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets