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Our Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide pounds and shelters a safe place to send their pregnant dogs, newly whelped litters and orphan pups. Our goal is to spay and neuter every pet before leaving Save A Mom, find them loving, permanent new homes and to educate the younger generation on proper pet care.

Adoption Policy

Even though we lose money on every adoption, we strive to keep our adoption fee at an affordable price. Vaccine and medical costs have increased,  as well as equipment and operating supplies. The adoption fee helps cover the following costs:

Spay / Neuter surgery
Parvo/Distemper/Lepto/Corona & Bordatella vaccinations
Rabies vaccination (dogs & puppies 16wks and older)
PetsMart New Pet booklet with valuable coupons for new pet items and training classes
Flea Treament
Heartworm Prevention

All of animals deserve loving, permanent homes. At Save a Litter Rescue, we do our best to ensure our animals find the best possible homes by screening potential adopters.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets