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Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary

17 Barker Road
Lebanon, CT 06249

Our Mission

Not only is Majestic a shelter for abandoned ducks and geese, but also a fantastic resource of information for you and your feathered friend.

Visit our website ( to view our monthly informational newsletters and sign up for our e-list to learn breaking news on waterfowl care, health & happiness!

Get the Facts:

Domestic ducks can live up to 15 years
Domestic geese can live up to 30 years
Ducks & Geese require specialized pens to keep them safe
Ducks & Geese require specialized diets to keep them healthy
Ducks & Geese thrive on routine and love human interaction


Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary is a recognzied non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Lebanon, Connecticut. We are dedicated to finding homes for former pet ducks and geese who have been discarded by their prior owners.

Adoption Policy

View our adoptable ducks and geese right here on Petfinder!
Then visit our Majestic website ( and check out our own Adoption Profiles to learn more details about our adoptable pet ducks & geese. Our website profiles are ALWAYS 100% up to date!
Read our Adoption Requirements & view our Adoption Contract.
Complete our Online Adoption Application.
PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT adopt to FREE RANGE homes. All of our waterfowl must go to loving homes with predator proof pens.

Approved adopters can contact us via our website to set up an appointment to come and visit our rescued ducks and geese!

If you are not an adopter, but are still interested in coming to meet our rescues, we encourage you to do so! Please visit our website for details regarding Sanctuary Visits and then email us to set up&n

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