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Our Mission

At Woof Den Rescue we are committed for the Unwanted,Abused,Abandoned and Facing Euthanasia in Shelter and elsewhere ,Were Founded in 2021, We are into rescuing the Northern and Working breeds dogs Such as ( Siberian husky Alaskan malamute, Samoyed and all other husky mixes --- Border collies, Australian cattle dogs, Chow chow, Shepard and all other various breeds) that are needs rescuing.) Were a All-Volunteer Non Profit group Committed into Giving many Chances to these Northern and Working dog breeds and others, to give them the life they deserve by "Helping, Rescuing-Rehabilitating and Educating to finding there new homes for them. Were a Dog Rescue that Care about each dog that comes into our Program. That why to us "Its About the Dogs"

All dogs in our care are Get there First Exam, Spayed and Neutered before adoption, All are up to date on Vaccinations, They are Micro Chip for identification and We Evaluated for temperament and trainability, Heartworm tested, NexGard flea & tick Treatment, Deworm, Fecal tested and Seen by a veterinarian if other medical care is needed Behaviorist/Dog Trainer if needed and when there in our care also we feed them a Grain Friendly diet. Since we have no facility, our dogs are either in foster homes all over the Central Valley and surrounding areas, as well as in boarding kennels in Modesto, CA. We are always in need of foster homes, as well as volunteers to help out at adoption fairs, events, and much more.

Adoption fees and additional funds we receive from Donors and from one dog(s) may go to paying extra medical,food,supply and etc,For Dog(s) that come into rescue. All dog(s) have been evaluated by our Volunteer and we describe the dog(s) temperament and behaviors to the best of our knowledge to fit you and your family. We are providing a source of information from only our perspective. We Also take our own Dogs and mixes the foster Dogs together and take them to the Beach,Hikes,Walks,Biking,Recreational Dog Carting and Snow Dogs Sledding. When you Adopted one of our Dogs you will be thankful you did. We are always there for you, You have 24 hour Support when you adopt from HHR.

Thank You, Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.

Adoption Policy

Areas Woof Den Rescue Serves:
Northern California, Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, Central Valley and Central Coast

Are Online Adoption Questionnaire is not a test we have
some basic questions to aloud just to fine the right dog for you and your family. Are goal is for a thriving match, we want to make adopting Fun. We live and breathe these dogs what we get from Shelter and or Surrender that saying we know them. Please keep in mind we place dogs that best fit you and your family, and it is not first-come-first-served we just want best for the dog and you.

Step 1) Find your Forever Friend --->(you can access at --> Adopt page)

Step 2) Filling out are Online Adoption Questionnaire ( you can access either in the --> Homepage,Adopt page or in the Adoption process page) After we Receive the Questionnaire that you submitted the Questionnaire is Review from one of are Volunteer it takes 1 to 2 days to Review then we Call or E-mail you Back in that time

Step 3) Meet and Greet with the Dog your Interested in either at your home or a common place

4. Home Check: If Match is made then we do a Home Check with said dog

5. Sign Adoption Contract: If every check out at the home check. You sign the Adoption Contact

6. Pay Fee: After the Adoption Contact you pay the Adoption fee

7. Take the Pet Home: We leave dog with you and Live happily for ever after ( If you have any question the dog you just adopted you have HHH Support Always)

When you Adopted a Dog from us at HHH you will get the following ( Your dog with get a Bath and Groom, 5 lbs. of TOW dry Kibble, Toys, Treats and Etc. ( We just want the dog that you just adopted Comfortable in His/her new Environment)

Are Fillable Adoption Application located either in our
Petfinder Homepage or at are Website at

If have any Question for anything feel free to Contact us

Connect with us:
Phone Number is -> 669-577-4002
E-mail is -->

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets