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Angel's Furry Friends

San Jose, CA

Adoption Policy

Thank you for you interest in our Animals.

Adopting a Dog or Cat means a lot to the animal, that would otherwise have nothing.
All of our animals are up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, administered deworming medication and flea preventative.

We do our best to have them spayed/neutered. In case if that was not possible for us, the Adopting agreement is contingent on the new owner completing Spay/Neuter the animal.

Attending Dog Training with New dog is highly recommended. The rescued animals often times did not have a chance to develop obedience and proper behavior, as they were not exposed to formal training. It is highly recommended to attend basic training, it would benefit the new owner and their new dog relationship.

If for some reason, after adoption, there is an issue, where the new animal is a match for you or your family: please inform us right away, we will take our animal back.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets