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Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions

San Francisco, CA

Our Mission

Palomacy (a Community Initiatives project) is a volunteer-powered, donation-funded rescue for domestic (unreleasable) pigeons & doves in the San Francisco Bay Area. Palomacy provides avian vet treatment, foster care & adoption services locally & consultation & referrals all over the country. Started in 2007, Palomacy has directly saved the lives of more than 1,600 birds & assisted countless others.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters must submit an application, participate in a phone screen & home visit & agree to fulfill these expectations:

Palomacy Expectations for Dove & Pigeon Adopters
-Appropriately sized, safe, and uncrowded cage or aviary approved by Palomacy
-Daily fresh food, clean water, poop clean up and check for eggs
-Supervised, safe out-of-cage time (if not living in an aviary) daily
-No free flight/uncaged outside time
-Companionship- lots of your time or another bird’s (not home alone all day)
-Avian vet care if sick or injured
-Compassionate, healthy care that provides for the bird’s nutritional, physical, and emotional well-being
-No breeding, birth control if the bird has a mate (real eggs replaced with fake)
-A forever home (through sickness & health, moving, etc.) with a pet-care plan in case something happens to you
-No rehoming, selling, sporting, or business use of Palomacy birds
-Offer to return to Palomacy if unable to keep the bird(s) (This is not desired and we can’t promise we’ll take the bird- we expect you to provide a forever home!)

The adoption fee is only $10 per bird. Providing a proper cage or aviary will be your major expense in adopting pigeons or doves.

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