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Our Mission

Sister Sister Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that began with two sisters who have a passion for animals. Based in Redlands, CA we serve our local community by rescuing small breed dogs from terrible situations. All of our dogs have at one point been abandoned, abused, neglected or tossed away and…they are ALL amazing pets! We focus on finding the right match for each of our dogs and make sure that both the adopter and adoptee will be happy!

Adoption Policy

Adopting a rescue dog should be a wonderful experience! Sister Sister Rescue aims to make it as seamless and helpful as possible. We work very hard to give our rescue pets the best possible chance at a good life, so we do have an application process. We work to find the best fit for both pet and family! We will ship a dog out of state if adopters are very committed and are willing to pay the additional fees. 


All our adoptable dogs have been vetted and are ready for a loving forever home! Each one unique and wonderful! 

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We do not have a formal location and base our work out of Redlands, CA from loving foster homes.

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