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Our Mission

Valley Canine Specialists has two main missions:
1) To reduce the number of euthanizations and homeless dogs due to trauma-related behavior. We seek to improve the quality of life for traumatized dogs by rehabilitating any reactions or behaviors that would impede a successful adoption. Ideally dogs will be fully trained for obedience and house manners in order to reduce chances of recidivism.
2) To spread service dog awareness and make service dogs more accessible to the disabled community by showing them how many "invisible" disabilities can be mitigated by service dog tasks. The service dog training & coaching program where we temperament test potential rescue dogs and train them for basic service dog tasks will make these dogs available to disabled folks at little-to-no cost while reducing the number of homeless dogs by placing them with appropriate handlers.

Adoption Policy

We have struggled with finding potential adopters, which is why we are applying here! We advertise wherever we can, and then we typically have interested parties fill out and submit an adoption application. When we find a potential placement, we then request photos or videos of yard spaces and accommodations. Promising prospects then come in to visit with the dog while performing a casual in-person interview. If everyone is happy with the placement, we then have the adopters sign an adoption application when they pay the adoption fee. If the dog is ready to be placed at that time, then they go to their new home! (If dog is intact, then we may use the process described in the sterilization question.)

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