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Precious Paws, L.A.

Encino, CA

Our Mission

Making the World more "Purr-fect" Four Paws at a Time.

Precious Paws (or Precious Paws L.A.) is a Dog and Cat rescue organization located in Los Angeles County, California, USA. We ONLY do pet adoptions in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. We are NOT affiliated with any other rescue, organization or business in any other state or city. We are PreciousPaws.ORG.

Our primary purpose is to rescue abandoned and/or abused companion animals. These animals may be found on the streets, in shelters, or even relinquished by their owners. All animals will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested and healthy before they are placed for adoption into new homes. This will be the main focus of all of our activities. It provides the public with the service of the humane rescue of animals and saves the lives of animals that are in need. These animals will be placed into the homes of our volunteers to be cared for until they are adopted and placed into their new permanent homes. These permanent homes will be found mainly through adoption events which will generally be held at pet stores. Or by appointment.

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"Thank You On Behalf Of Our Rescues"

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Recommended Pets