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Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue

Antioch, CA

Our Mission

Not ready to adopt yet? How about fostering?

We need fosters!! Check out our foster program located on our website.

Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue is a 501c3 charitable and educational organize solely supported by donations.

We help to educate the public on the joys of having a house rabbit and their needs.

The majority of our rabbits are rescued from shelters.

Our organization believes strongly in having rabbits in the house with their family. Rabbits are intelligent social animals who need to be around their families, that is one reason we only adopt rabbits as house pets.

Adoption Policy

Thinking about adopting with CCRR?
Please read below for more information about the adoption process:
 Adoption Procedure:
1. Do your homework. Rabbits are not short term or beginner pets for children. They require specialized diets and housing to keep the healthy. Be responsible and demonstrate your understanding of their care requirements before you commit to bringing a bunny home.
Read the CCRR Adoption Policy
2. Fill out the adoption questionnaire. The questionnaire helps us understand what your household is like and what you are looking for in adopting a rabbit. Questionnaires are reviewed by the board for approval of adoption. You will be contacted via phone with questions or to set up an appointment to meet the rabbits.
3. Once approved: Come meet the rabbits, spend time with several of them as each rabbit is unique.
4. Preparation: Start buying the supplies you will need. Ask a CCRR representative for the best products and food to buy.
5. Finalizing Adoption: When you are ready to bring your new pet home, we will meet with you to finalize adoption paperwork and send you home with your new bunny!
*Households with Dogs: If your household has a dog, You will be required to bring your dog to meet the rabbits before being approved for adoption. Why? Not all rabbits feel comfortable around dogs and not all dogs are safe around rabbits. We want to make sure that both animals will be okay living together.
*Households with Children: All children living in the household where the bunny will reside will be required to come and meet the bunnies before being approved for adoption. Parents please keep in mind bunnies are not pets for children to learn responsibility.  
Children under the age of 5 to 6 may not be mature enough to interact with a rabbit safely. Rabbits are ground dwelling animals that do not like to be picked up or cuddled. Your children need to understand this.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets